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Are you looking for that perfectly custom built racing engine for your bike?  If so, you're in the right place.


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Raptor 700R


No information is currently available for this engine.




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NEW Velox Series Cams (800cc +)

This is the new Velox series cams for the Raptor 700R.
These new cams are geared toward 800cc plus engine builds.

cams produce explosive torque and horsepower from 4000-8000rpm for 800-850cc engines.

V-4 cams produce a wall of power from 4500-8500rpm. Works best with 850-900cc engines.

V-5 cams are for drag racing only. 6000-10000rpm custom ground for your application.


Raptor 700R Porting

$600 Dune/trail porting, stock valves

$1,200 Desert race/hill climb +1 valves

$1,800 Drag race/king of the hill +3 valves

$250 Stainless valves


Raptor 700R Case Boring

A special fixture was built to bore your 700R cases to fit the skirt sleeve of the 108mm cylinder. The skirt of the 108mm cylinder slips in this bored hole at very close tolerance so that the cases help maintain cylinder roundness as the crank swings through bottom dead center. Maintaining a round cylinder is critical to seal in cylinder pressure for more horsepower.


Raptor 700R Stroker

6mm Falicon stroker with knife rod.

Unlike other cranks, OMW strokers are balanced specific to your piston weight to ensure a smooth revving engine.

Pricing starts at $999


Raptor 700R Big Bore

This 108mm big bore kit has a piston design and ring package very similar to the DS650 combo that has been dominating the hill and track for years.

OMW has put proven technology into this kit so you can be worry free from the head gasket failures that plague Raptor big bore builds.

No need for stud kits, o-ringing, or crazy torque numbers; Simply use factory hardware and torque specs for trouble free operation. Couple this kit with the 6mm stroker for a ground pounding 825cc.

Price starts at $1,100

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