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Are you looking for that perfectly custom built racing engine for your bike?  If so, you're in the right place.


Engines Selection

Rotax DS 650


Strong, lightweight and capable of making huge power, the DS 650 makes a great dune/trail engine or all out drag race/hill shooter.




Click on an image below to view a larger, more detailed version.


DS 650 Porting

$600 dune/trail porting-stock valves

$1,200 desert race/hill climb +1 valves

$1,800 drag race/hill shoot only-big valve

$250 stainless valves

$600 titanium valves- includes custom locks and lash caps

$300 cylinder head setup- includes disassembly, lap deck, lap valves, reassemble, set valve spring installed height, set valve lash


DS 650 Cams

OMW-3 cams produce explosive torque and horsepower from 3000-7000rpm for stock bore and big bore engines. Works great with full weight bike and 275lb + rider.

OMW-4 cams produce smooth tractable power in the lower rpm range and come on with a wall of power from 4000-8000rpm. Works best with 730-800cc engines.

OMW-5 cams are for drag racing only. 6000-10000rpm custom ground for your application. 


DS 650 Stroker Cranks

One of the weak links of the DS 650 motor is the right side crank journal.  OMW performs modifications to strengthen this journal through "cryo" treating the crank and machining a radius to improve crank life.

These modifications are performed on all of our stroker cranks.

Base Pricing

$250  Modify stock crank*
$1250  5mm Falicon stroker*
$1,650  8mm Falicon knife rod stroker*

*Stroker prices includes counter balance and case modifications.


DS 650 Big Bore

The OMW big bore cylinder kit is a bolt-on performance item. Simply pull your stock cylinder and piston off and put this one on. It increases displacement to 730cc.  Includes new 105.5mm cylinder, piston with file fitted rings, and gaskets. It can be setup for 11.5:1 pump gas or 13:1 race gas.  Couple this cylinder with the 5mm stroker for a 770cc monster or use the long skirt version of this cylinder with the 8mm stroker for 800cc of ground thumping power.

Base Pricing

$1,500  Cylinder kit

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